I strive to make the viewer alert of the pure physicality of the mediums I am working with, engaging in the created tension between the object and the viewer.  My process is interdisciplinary- overlapping mediums of photography, painting, sculpture, performance, and video to both acknowledge and resist the traditions associated with each. Some of my paintings are made to be installed on the floor, leaning against a wall like an architectural element or a piece of furniture meant to be seen in the round. I enlist a broad range of strategies of infliction to express and attempt to understand the painterly gesture and the authority of the artist.  I am interested in the distinctions between the utilitarian uses of formal visual elements compared with similar marks enlisted in the designation of art objects by artists. I operate keenly invested in art historical context, acknowledging traditions and content of modernist and contemporary art to reevaluate expectations and masculine narratives. Pulling apart these histories serves as an archive from which to pull to create artworks that connect visually to historical references at the same time as they are determinedly of my own invention. 

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